6200 Pro Stock 4WD Truck Rules


6200lb Pro Stock 4wd Truck Rules
1. Any truck body, any factory frame.
2. Any single 4-barrel carburetor. No stretched carburetor. No tunnel ram or sheet metal intakes.
3. A. Maximum 485 cubic inch. Any GM style block must be 4.84 bore spacing. Any Dodge
style block must be 4.8 bore spacing. Any Ford style block must be 4.9 bore spacing. No
JC50, No JC51, No DRCE3 blocks. Can be cast or aluminum block. Engine can be no
further forward than 12 inches from front of block saver plate to center of front axle
B. GM may run any conventional port designed head. Ford may run an “A” style head
only. Dodge may run a B1 head only.
C. Conventional port designed head is classified as a head with the port spacing that must be
left to right. No spread port or Billet heads allowed. GM style heads port must measure
4.100 maximum port width and .415 maximum space between runners, the entire height of
port excluding corners radius measurements are taken at intake manifold flange and can be
smaller. There will be a $75 protest fee to remove intake to check intake ports.
4. Headers and open exhaust allowed, must exit through hood or down and back.
5. Body Specifications:
A. Factory wheelbase may be shortened or lengthened to maximum 134 inches.
Bedsides may be altered in front of wheel wells to match wheelbase on all trucks.
B. Rear wheel width cannot be narrower than 34 inches from inside bead to inside bead
of rear wheels.
C. OEM fiberglass components only. Front clip on truck (firewall forward only) can be
D. Front windshield must be OEM type (no Plexiglass)
6. No working hydraulic stops on front suspension during pull. Must have quick disconnect and shall
not be touching spring or axle housing before, during, or after pull. Weight boxes must stay stationary
before crossing the scales and cannot be moved until after the pull is over. Any air pressure adjustments
require a re-measurement of hitch height.
7. Any street legal tire may be run measuring up to or less than 33 inch measured height. Terra and
Cepek tires allowed along with any bar tire up to 31×15.50×15. No recapped tires allowed. Must have
size on sidewall by manufacturer.
8. Any transmission, transfer case, front end, or rear end allowed. No planetary.
9. A. Hooking point has to be horizontal on hitch.
B. From point of hitch to center of rear axle shall be no less than 36% of trucks wheel base,
i.e. 134-inch wheelbase equals 48.24-inch hitch length. Hitch heights to be 26 inches,
before, during, and after pull. Hitch must also adhere to general and safety rules (see
hitch qualification section).
10. All Pro-stock trucks are to have adequate brakes; drive shaft brakes are adequate.
11. Must run KTPA Spec fuel only. Sunoco-Purple 110; Blue 112, Orange 114, Red 116, V.P. C-12,
C-14, C-16, Torco 112, 114, 116. Alcohol must be pure, no additives of any kind. Must pass water test.
No Scent or Top Lube. No pro oxide, no pro blend, no oxygen carriers of any kind, no scent additives.
12. Overall vehicle must adhere to all general and safety rules applicable to 4WD trucks. Refer to the
“General” and “Safety” rules section as well as the following sections:
A. 2WD & 4WD Mandatory
B. Driveline/Driveline Shield
C. Hitch Qualification
D. Kill Switch
13. No proxy votes allowed for class meeting and vote for class spokesman at the end of the class
14. No points drop.
16. 1% tolerance on engine measurements.
17. Conflict or gray area goes to the board.
18. All trucks must have a fuel dump valve for random fuel testing.
19. Weight on class is 6200 lb.
20. Trucks cannot exceed 102” front and back. Measured from the widest point, overall width.
21. Auxiliary engines may be used, but must not be running while truck is in competition.
22. Rules will be locked till the end of 2018 season.