5800 Pro Stock 2WD Truck Rules




5800lb Pro Stock 2wd Truck Rules
1. Any single 4 barrel carburetor. No cut or stretched carburetors. No tunnel ram or sheet
metal intakes. No added on plates between the base and main body of carburetor.
2. OEM cylinder heads and blocks only. No racing, bowtie, or 502 blocks of any kind allowed. No
aluminum blocks or heads. Factory serial # and casting # must be intact. OEM replacement cylinder
heads allowed. No 934 gm heads allowed. May remove material from head but can not add to heads.
No raised runners allowed. (welding up or epoxy ) . Heads must retain stock valve angle.
(A) 470 cubic inch max. 1% tolerance allowed.
(B) Any cam ok.
(C) No NOS or alcohol fuel ( racing fuel
(D) Headers must go up or back. No straight down or out headers
(E) Engine must be naturally aspirated. No blowers or turbo
3.Any battery-powered ignition may be used. No ignition that alters timing while running or in motion
4. Bed may be hulled, but not narrowed and must be covered. Rear beside can be cut a maximum of 4″
for tire clearance.
5. No cutting or gutting inside cab for weight advantages. Any pieces that cab be unbolted may
be removed. Allowed to remove dash. Factory firewall and floorboard required.
6. Front inner fenders not required. Must have shields 1 inch above spark
7. 133- inch wheel base maximum. If bed alterations are made they must be from front of bed to front of
rear wheel well.
8. Frame must be no less than 1/2 ton and no more than 1 ton. Frame may be cut to maintain
maximum wheelbase. Brake caliper and brackets may be cut off. Rotors may be removed. No springs
required. Radiator must be under hood in front of engine. One radiator per truck and must be in working
order. Water holding tanks allowed but must be under hood in engine compartment. Straight axles are
and must meet 133″ wheelbase maximum. Allowed to use military frames. No shop built or home
built frames allowed, must be oem frame. Can brace factory frame.
9. If original vehicle has doors and hood, they must remain in place. Tilt front ends allowed.
Windshields and back window required.
10. Tailgates and rear bumpers may be removed for safety of person hooking sled. Front O.EM.
bumpers are required per year model and body style. Bumpers must be same same as make of truck.
11. Gas tanks cannot be mounted in front of truck. Fuel tank or cell must be inside bed of truck.
Battery may be anywhere on truck except inside of cab or outside of bed.
12. A> Street legal tires only. No barred or tractor tires allowed. 12.50×17 street limit. No cut tires.
Tire height limit 36 inches( by what is on tire). wheel width limit 12 inches. Can be trued.
B> No dual wheels
C> Tractor tires allowed on front.
13. Front weights must be behind front bumper with bumper in stock position. Can be under hood in
engine compartment. Rear weights cannot extend more than one (1) foot past rearmost part of the
bed. Hitch support may be no farther back then hooking point.
14. A.> Forty -two (42) inches minimum from center of rear axle to hitch point. Hitch must be stationary
in all directions.
B.> Hitch minimum 3 1/2 inch long with 3 inch hole across. Hitch cannot go further forward than back of
cab. No part of the hitch may exceed 36″ to top. Top stop bracket not part of hitch.
15. Cool cans , electric fuel pump and fans allowed.
16. Maximum hitch height is 30″ before,during and after the pull.
17. No auxiliary box or transfer case allowed.
18. Big rear-ends allowed- no planetary axles. Two speed factory stock allowed. Rear end can not be
any narrower than 62″, wheel flange to wheel flange. No sheet metal housings allowed.
19. Five speed or smaller transmissions allowed. No cut gears. Transmission must roll out per
factory specifications or may pull cap. Stall converters allowed.
20. No more than double disc clutches allowed. Must be a pedal clutch. Must hold its own weight in 1st
gear on a incline. No fully centrifugal clutches allowed. No Glider clutches.
21. Full size O.E.M. truck bodies only. Fiberglass hoods are
22. . Steering wheel and driver must remain within 3 inches of original position.
23. No individual brakes.
24. All general and safety rules not specified in class rules will apply.
25. Class rules are locked in until 2020.