2018- 8500 Pro Farm Tractor Rules

8500 Pro Farm Tractor Rules

Engine Rules
470 Cubic Inch displacement/ max weight 8500 lbs. Turbo-3” inlet with .250 map groove (KY). No forward-facing map groove. NO H5, HX80 or S500 series turbo. NO large frame turbo.
NO 8600 series P-Pumps.
OEM AG rear-end
Aluminum are NOT allowed. OEM Only (No recast heads)
Only two (2)  valves per cylinder
Fuel Pump- any pump maximum P-Pump. P3000 or P7100
Water Injection Allowed; water with oil lubricant only
OEM intake and exhaust manifolds only. NO homemade manifolds allowed
No intercoolers or after-coolers permitted
Intake housing to be no larger than 3 inch at the face of the wheel. Single compressor wheel must protrude into 3 inch bore at least ⅛”. Stock map with enhancement is permitted.

Sheet Metal and Frame:
Front weights shall not extend more than 13 feet from the center of the rear axle.
Maximum wheelbase of 114 inches.
NO Components tractors allowed

No Compressed air, nitrous oxide, fuel conversions, propane or nitro methane allowed. The only exception is the use of starting aid.
Diesel fuel will be the only fuel accepted
No oxygen carries or combustion accelerators allowed in the fuel.

Maximum tire of 24.5 at 8500 Lbs.

Minimum hitch length of 18 inches measured from the centered of the rear axle. Can be no closer
Maximum hitch height of 20 inches.
Hitch shall remain stationary in all directions

General Rules:
All vehicles/drivers must comply with general rules.