2018- 5500lb Super Stock Truck Rules

5500lb Super Stock Truck Rules

1. OEM cylinder heads and blocks only. No racing, bowtie, or 502 blocks of any kind allowed. No aluminum blocks or heads. Factory serial # and casting # must be intact. OEM replacement cylinder heads are allowed.
(A) 470 CI Max. 1% tolerance allowed.
(B) Any Cam ok.
(C) Any single 4 barrel carburetor. (No cut or stretched carburetors.)
(D) No tunel ram or sheet metal intakes.
(E) No NOS or Alcohol fuel (Racing fuel is ok).
(F) Engine must be in stock position.
(G) Headers must go up or back. No straight down or out headers are allowed.
(H) Engine must be naturally aspirated. No blowers or turbos allowed.
2. One ton axle limit. Dana 80 or smaller with maximum 11 1/2″ ring gear. No quick change transfer cases. No aftermarket, pro-fab, or scs transfer of any kind. Must have stock appearing transmission and stock transfer case. Aftermarket gears are allowed in transmission and transfer case.
3. No restriction on traction bars front or rear.
4. Blocks between frame and axle are legal (Solid ok).
5. 35″ max tire size. Must be D.O.T. approved. (Restricted to NO Cut, Bar, Ditch Witch, Molded, or Terra Tires.)
6. No dual wheels.
7. From point of hitch to center of rear axle must be no less than 36% of truck wheel base (134″ max. wheel base) .
8. 26″ Maximum hitch height.
9. Weights must be 60 inches or less from the center of the front axl.
10. No (excessive) hulling of interior or exterior components (bed, door, and dash ok).
11. Truck must have working brake.
12. Must wear helmet and fire suit (jacket and pants).
13. Lug nut covers required.
14. Check General Safety rules for all mandatory safety rules.
15. One hook per vehicle, not per driver.
16. No lift or fiberglass bodies allowed.
17. Cylinder heads may be visually checked at any time.
18. Rules are locked in for 5 years (through the 2018 season).