2018- 5500lb Economy Hot Rod Tractor Rules

5500lb Economy Hot Rod Tractor Rules

1. Must have basic two wheel drive tractor rear end. Frame may be lengthened no more than 14 ft. from the center of the rear axle to the farthest point forward.
2. One gasoline or alcohol powered engine only (big block – 482 c.i. limit). One carburetor only. No turbo, no superchargers, no blowers, no nitrous oxide systems. Small Block class limited to conventional or 18 degree heads. Any other head must be approved by the MTPA Board of Directors.
3. Hot rod tractors must have kill switches hooked to the sled, wheely bars and approved scatter shields consisting of either scatter blankets, 1/4 inch plate enclosure, or SFI approved scatter shield. U-Joints must be protected by metal also.
4. Add on weights allowed. No weight or objects to fall on track while tractor is hooked to sled. Any part of tire touching the boundary line will result in disqualification. Sled touching boundary line does not result in disqualification.
5. Hot rod tractors can run factory molded tires up to 18.4 width.
6. Weight limit is 5500 lbs. including driver.
7. Ring hitch with 3 inch eye. Hitch height limit of 20 inches. 18 inch minimum draw bar length from center of rear wheel axle to the hook point. No floating drawbars.
8. No steel wheeled tractors. No duals allowed.
9. Any protest must be filed within weight class before the next class starts.
10. Fire suit and helmet mandatory.
11. Seat belts optional (highly recommended).
12. Wide front ends mandatory.
13. Roll cage or roll bar required. Must be sufficient to protect driver. Subject to safety official approval.
14. Harmonic balancer must be shielded with 1/4 inch steel so harmonic balancer can’t move forward and come off crankshaft.