2018- 4300lb Mini Truck Rules

4300lb Mini Truck Rules

1.  Factory sheet metal, fiberglass hoods are allowed.
2.  Firewall to remain in factory location: driver seat, steering wheel and driver must remain on left side.
3.  Full length factory compact truck frame rails only; can reinforce from front to back; cannot add to rear of frame length.
4.  Must be compact style truck; S10, Ford Ranger, D50, Jeep Comanche, etc., no full size.  Any kind of motor to any kind of body.
5.  Wheelbase must not exceed 109 1/4” from center of rear axle to center of front axle.
6.  Front windshield mandatory, (can use glass or lexan); all other glass optional.
7.  Beds must be covered if cut out; tailgate is optional.
8.  Trucks may not be any longer than 153” max.  That’s from center of rear end to the farthest point forward including weights.
9.  Weight may be mounted on sled stops. No moveable weights while truck is in motion, this includes the driver.
10. Overall length 52 inches from center of rear axle to the farthest most point including sled stops.
11.  One-ton rear ends max. 11 ½” ring gear max.
12.  One ton 4, 5, or 6 speeds must have all working gears; OEM transmission max.  No cut gears, can run automatic and stall converter. No auxiliary gear boxes.
13.  Rear tire size-max 33×12.50-17 DOT approved on 10” wheels max. No truing of tires.
14.  Double disk clutch maximum.  No centripetal clutches. No glide type clutches.  Pedal style clutches only.
15.  Sled stops on the truck are NOT part of the frame.
16. No individual rear brakes.

17.  406 cubic inch small block max with 1% tolerance (the 351 Cleveland will not be allowed in this class), any aftermarket cast iron block.  2 or 4 barrel intakes, cast iron or aluminum, may run after market, intake may not exceed 7” tall that is from the base of the carburetor to the top of the engine. (China wall)
18. Any cam and any lifter allowed. Cam and cam bearing must stay in original location.
19.  Heads cast iron only; may port and polish, may run after market, no 18 degree or lower heads allowed, no aluminum heads.  No tolerance on head measurements.  Max of 2 valves per cylinder.
20.  Factory style distributor; in factory location. After-market distributors are allowed, but it must be in factory position. NO MAGS.
21.  Up to one 4 barrel, naturally aspirated carburetor, 850 CFM maximum with factory number on choke housing.  Choke housing must remain stock.  Numbers may not be altered.  All air must go thru ventura.  Carburetor “No Go Tool” must not exceed below factory casting ring in non-modified ventura.  Tool must not enter bottom base plate.  All other alterations are acceptable. Base plate must bolt to original carburetor main body.
22.  Exhaust headers may go up or back and down, no turnouts.
23.  Can run Rev. Limiter cannot use ignition box that can alter timing when in motion.
24.  No alcohol, no nitro propane, no pro oxide, no pro blend, no oxygen carries of any kind, no scent additives.
25. NO traction or timing control of any kind allowed.

26.  Stationary in all directions; center of axle to point of hook 39 ¼ inch min.
27.  Height is 27” to point of hook to ground max.
28.  Hole will be no less than 3” in diameter: 1” min from edge of hole, 3” wide, 3 ¾” deep. Hook point must be horizontal.
29.  No “L” shaped hitches.
30.  Hitch may not exceed past front of bed, anchor pin not to be less than 7/8” diameter.
31.  No part of hitch to exceed 36” tall.  Top stop not part of hitch.
32.  No part of hitch adjusters are allowed past hitch point.

33.  Steel flywheel and safety bell housing and block plate.  ¼” shield 360 degrees: around the engine balancer; not less than 2” wide, except SFI approved balancer. Any SFI approved flywheel is allowed.
34.  Engine cooling fans shielded 360 degrees; electric fans may not be covered.
35.  Block shields must run the full length of engine and from top of frame to 1” above spark plugs.
36.  Must have neutral start switch with light mounted in rear and in cab to show in neutral.
37.  Must have kill switch mounted in rear of truck, to kill ignition and electric fuel pump.
38.  Must have working fire extinguisher.
39.  Weight on class is 4300 lb.
40.  Every truck that makes all scheduled hooks for their class will get 10 points at the end of the season.
41.  All vehicles must have a complete body (including grill and headlight sockets) with the exception of tailgates, mirrors, front and back bumpers.
42. Rules are locked until end of season for 2020.
43. All pullers must also abide by MTPA’s general rules.